Sunday, September 11, 2011

Media Promotional Information

Here at Floors of Gold, we do welcome some forms of advertising.  Please read below and see if your product fits one or more of the descriptions and then feel free to contact me, The Lady of the House, in the email provided.


The Lady of the House

Family Friendly  By family friendly, I should not be embarrassed to discuss this product with my children, my husband, my brother-in-law, my Grandmother, my Aunt or the mature lady that lives next door. 

Food  Your food product should be healthy (we eat animal products) and align to Biblical Food standards otherwise it will not be consumed by my children, or promoted by Floors of Gold.  If you do have a Vegan product that we can incorporate I will be happy to post a review in a timely fashion on my blog, Twitter and Facebook and any other media outlet that you would like to discuss.

Books  As time is limited, I will say no to fiction books.  However if you have a great book about Jewish Living, Torah, Entertaining, Event Planning or Decor, Vegan Baking or Cooking, I would be more than happy to talk to you about a review!  Cookbooks should have at least three recipes that I may try and post in my review as a three part series.  Books must be sent and shipped at no charge.  I will be happy to post a book review in a timely fashion on my blog,, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and any other media outlet you would like to discuss.

Products  I would love to help entrepreneurs and small business owners!  Do you have a small shop or make handmade goods?  Do you have something unique that the readers here at Floors of Gold need to know about related to Jewish or Kosher living, event planning or decor?  For a small fee and product to review sent and shipped at no charge, I will be happy to post an honest review here at Floors of Gold, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Product Review Fee = $25.00

Venue  At Floors of Gold we focus mainly on entertaining for Shabbat as there are fifty two times in one year where we can provide hospitality to friends, family and strangers.  However, there are many other Jewish celebrations and Simchas to celebrate throughout the year.  If your family friendly entertainment venue in Texas would like to be reviewed by Floors of Gold, simply contact me, The Lady of the House, to discuss how we can help each other.

Travel  Floors of Gold would be more than happy to write a review on your family friendly Resort, Guest Ranch, Bed and Breakfast or other place of travel accomodation in Texas that is available for Shabbat gatherings or other Jewish Simchas.  In exchange for a review on Floors of Gold, you may provide accomodations, a tour and photography rights.  The review would also be posted on Facebook and Twitter and any other media outlet that you would like to discuss.  Please send an email so that we may discuss availablities for both your facility and my family.

Giveaways  I will be happy to accomodate giveaways in one of the above catagories, no more than five giveaways monthly (please contact me to discuss availability).  As giveaways do take considerable time and energy to promote a small fee will be charge to compensate my time.  Owner must take all responsibility to provide and ship the item or voucher to the winner at no cost to them in a timely more than two weeks.  If the product requires a review, please see above.

  • Giveaway Promotion Fee = $25.00

Ad Space  Floors of Gold has a limited amount of ad space available.  Ads should be sized at  150x150, be created by yourself or a member of your team and have the link provided that you would like the readers of Floors of Gold to be directed to.  Please email to discuss options.
  • 1 Month = $40.00
  • 6 Months = $210.00
  • 12 Months = $360.00