Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Floors Of Gold Bucket List

I was given the idea to do a bucket list from Thoughtfully Simple, I really think this is a good idea.  Now, while my bucket list may not be "normal" as in outrageously exotic ideas...I believe it is good to plan and I love to make lists.

Bucket List:
A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".

I inherited list making from my mother.  After she passed away a few years ago...I even thought of making a list for her tombstone.  I thought it was hilarious (my mom would have thought so too) but the rest of my family was, shall we say, not in favor of that kind of humor?

So this bucket list is basically a list of where I would like to go with this blog.  Some of these things may be in the near future and some may take a bit longer to achieve...but all in all, it is going to be really fun to check all of these things off of my list and tempt my readers to keep coming back again, and again!

1.  I would love to expand my pathetic little garden (no picture...too embarrassed) to something a larger...on the scale of edible landscaping.  My goal is to have "garden to table" recipes for Shabbat and other festivities.

Edible Landscaping Tour

2. A few new kitchen appliances.  I have my eye on the Vitamix Blender, Magimix Cuisine System and the Excalibur Dehydrator as well as a Champion Juicer.  I want to be able to offer some spectacular raw food recipes, but the appliances are necessary to perfect those recipes so I can share them with you!

3.  Dining Room Table.  No, we do not have one...we currently use a card table.  I would love an antique table and chairs...maybe something like this?  (someday...)
Dining Room

4.  DIY Tablescapes.  I want to show how to do fabulous tablescapes on a very small budget.  I would love to stretch my creative imagination just as far as possible in this area!


5.  Craft projects for home entertaining on a budget.  Everything from sewing and embroidery to paper crafting and glittering.  Trust me, you won't believe what can be done on a shoestring...and your guests will NEVER KNOW!

6.  Awareness.  Most people have heard it before...the planet is in danger.  Well, it is.  You can do something about it though, starting with me and my family, our bodies and how we care for them.  I want to focus on the topic of health and wellness starting with the individual...and if you choose to carry it further, that is your choice!

7.  Green Hospitality.  Learn what you can do to make each and every guest very comfortable in your home and you can still be friendly to the planet!  I have ideas...I just need to get them into blog posts.
Castille (Olive Oil) Soap

8.  Blog Makeover.  Someday, I would love to sit down and do a blog makeover.  Right now, my time is limited, but one of these days...I am going to do something really spectacular!  My ideas will hopefully bring expressions of awe, wonder, and amazement.

9.  I would love to first be an attendee...and then blog about all the ideas I will learn at The Healthy Lifestyle Expo, The Special Event, and also the Live Green Expo.  Perhaps if I am fortunate...whenever this happens, I will be able to get some great interviews as well!

10.  Finally get my workspace 100% organized so that I can be far more efficient with my time!

My messy desk.

Do you have a bucket list to share?  I would love to see it if you do, please post a link in the comments below!